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PA Fire Systems

Fire System Services that suit your needs


Fire Alarms

Effective Fire Alarms for different types of buildings.

Door Alarm Systems

Secure but not invasive door security systems.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Providing adequate lighting during power cuts

Fire Extinguishers

Proactive fire protection for different properties.

About PA Fire Systems

PA Fire Systems is an independent fire safety company with offices in Chichester, West Sussex.

We offer a comprehensive service throughout the south of England, installing and maintaining fire alarm systems of all sizes in a variety of commercial and residential properties. We also specialise in the installation of emergency light systems, smoke detection systems and fire extinguishers. All our work is completed in line with the current British Standards and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

  • Fire Alarm Installation & Maintenance – BS5839: 2019
  • Emergency Light Installation & Maintenance – BS5266:2016
  • Fire Extinguisher Installation & Maintenance – BS5306 Part 3
  • Regulatory Reform Act 2005

We believe in hard work and reliable products, competitively priced ensuring we provide you with the right fire prevention and detection system for you and your premise.

 Our team members are focused on the customer which makes working with us an efficient and professional experience. We ensure our service is of high quality so that our customers are pleased with the outcome and are confident in their chosen system.

Our engineers have a total of 25 years experience in the industry and regularly work with a variety of products and systems. All engineers complete Fire Industry Association (FIA) training as well as individual manufacturer product training to ensure their knowledge is up to date. For your peace of mind, we also complete criminal record bureau checks for all our team members and seek at least two references.

We currently work with a wide range of clients including schools, nursing homes, factories, and residential properties. We can offer advice on all types of buildings from new buildings to listed properties.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Installations and Services

From Fire Alarm servicing to Weekly Bell Testing, we offer a range of maintenance packages to suit your needs.

Fire Alarms
Effective fire alarms for different types of buildings with different uses require expert knowledge and experience. Our engineers will identify the correct and most suitable system for your property and its use.

We can design, install, commission and maintain fire alarm systems for residential and commercial properties which comply with the British Standard BS5839 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our systems can range from basic property protection to life protection, we can also offer remote monitoring for unmanned or manned properties, i.e. overnight in a school, or there are limited staff numbers over a certain period i.e. only a small number of staff overnight in a care home.

Following the installation we will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance package in line with the British Standards and manufacturing guidelines, as well as a handover demonstration, and pack including instructions, copies of all certificates, plans and device lists.

We also supply and install additional items for your property such as fire blankets, logbooks, document holders and flame retardant sprays.

Door Alarm Systems

Working with our clients in the care industry we identified a need for secure but not invasive door security systems.

The systems that we install provide wireless security, able to alert the designated responsible person to the opening of a door that is alarmed and that should not be opened.

As this is a wireless system there is no need for trunking or wires to be run anywhere in the building. The door contacts are small, installed above eye level and blend into the surroundings. The control system can be situated anywhere in the building and the pagers carried by the responsible person are very discrete.

There are no limits to this system and can be installed in any size building, big or small. It can also be used on both internal and external doors.

This system is ideal when trying to provide greater security and safety in a homely and comfortable environment.

We work directly with the manufacturers ensuring the system is bespoke to the individual site as well as being able to secure the most competitive prices.

Emergency Lighting Systems
Emergency lighting systems are designed to ensure that lighting levels are adequate to allow for the safe evacuation of the property if the power has been cut to the normal lighting in an emergency situation.

Our engineers will identify the size of emergency lighting system needed at your property and offer you two options for the type of system:

-LED bulkhead system, which are more cost-effective to install but will incur more maintenance costs going forward such as bulb changes and are only guaranteed for one year.

LED energy-saving lighting system which encompasses a motion and light sensor on each individual light. These lights are more expensive to install but because they only activate when there is not enough light or sense movement the ongoing energy costs are far less. They also come with a four year parts guarantee.

We understand that cost is very important in today’s climate therefore offering these two options allows you to make an informed decision.

Following the installation we will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance package in line with the British Standard as well as a handover pack including instructions, certificates and device lists.

We can also supply and install additional items such as spare bulbs, conversions from traditional to LED energy-saving lighting, logbooks, document holders and document boxes.

Fire Extinguishers

The requirement for fire extinguishers or other proactive fire protection device depends on the type and use of the property.

Our engineers will provide fire extinguishers sufficient for purpose and inline with the British standard. 

Extinguishers are a proactive hand held piece for fire fighting equipment and should only be used by a trained person who feels confident to tackle the fire. We offer basic fire training which includes the use of extinguishers. 

Following the installation we will provide you with a comprehensive maintenance package in line with the British standard and manufacturers guidelines.

We can also supply and install fire extinguisher covers, stands, cabinets, anti theft alarms, fire blankets and log books.

Independent Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Early detection of CO2 can be lifesaving. We can install independent individual CO2 alarms in all residential properties. We are happy to invoice residents individually depending on your block management agreement.

Basic Fire Training

Fire Safety Courses, available on a day and time to suit you, in your workplace.

Our experienced trainers will attend your site and complete training with groups of up to 15. Certificates will be issued to all attendees on the day.

Fire Safety Awareness Training – 1.5 hours
Who is this training course for? All Staff
Objectives: For staff to know how to reduce fire risks, deal with fires if appropriate and escape safely in the event of a fire
Course Content:

  • The common causes of fire
  • The behaviour of fire
  • Fire prevention
  • What to do if a fire breaks out
  • How to use fire extinguishers
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

Course Benefits:

The Fire Safety Order requires that fire safety training is provided to staff when they commence employment and that refresher training is provided on a regular basis.

Fire is often the biggest safety risk any business ever has. Without fire safety training your insurances may not be valid and your staff are left vulnerable.
Don’t think a fire won’t happen to you, last year there were over 33,000 recorded fires in UK businesses and community buildings. Protect your staff now and give them the best chance of escape if a fire does happen.

Fire Safety Training is not only a legal requirement, it also saves lives and protects businesses.

Maintenance  & Call Outs

From Fire Alarm servicing to Weekly Bell Testing, we have offer a range of mainteance packages to suit your needs.

Our Maintenance Packages

We offer a service and maintenance programme to all types of fire systems. These can include the following;

  • Six Monthly Fire Alarm Servicing
  • Six Monthly or Annual Emergency Lighting Servicing
  • Six Monthly or Annual Smoke Detector Servicing
  • Annual Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Weekly Fire Alarm/Smoke Alarm/Smoke Vent Testing
  • Monthly Emergency Lighting Testing

All testing is recorded and any problems are logged in onsite logbooks. We can supply logbooks if required for Fire Alarms, Emergency Lights and Landlord Safety

All appointments for services are pre-booked at a convenient time for clients and occupants and are confirmed by email to the client.

If required we can make a separate appointment to pick up any keys required for access to buildings for a small collection charge.

24 Hour Call Out

We offer Emergency Callout to any property as well as a 24 hour Service to all our contracted properties.

A callout may consist of us needing to attend site to fix a problem or we may be able to give instructions an assigned responsible person over the phone. This will depend on the seriousness of the situation.

All properties eligible for the 24hr Emergency Response will have an emergency callout number issued with their contract. Details will also be issued at the site.

Contact us to discuss prices and response times for your property.